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How to Block Leakages

Leakages are not uncommon occurrences in homes. Pipes get become corroded and get old over time and if they are not well properly maintained they could start leaking unexpectedly. Plumbing leaks can cause serious damage to home if neglected. Leakages can occur in the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, laundry or pipes outside the house. It can flood the home while constant dripping of water on the wall can make it moldy. Also, underground pipe leaking can weaken the foundation of the house putting your family at risk as a result.

Signs that your pipes may start leaking

No matter how strong your pipes are when first installed, constant use over the years leads to them being worn out and leaking. You should know your pipes need to be repaired or a new one installed if your pipes have any of the following signs

  • Rusty or colored water

If the water coming from your pipe is dirty like the mud or colored, the pipes have been affected by corrosion and must be replaced with a new one. Corrosion can lead to leaking of the pipes.

  • High water pressure

If the force at which your pipes are dispensing water is constantly high, the high pressure will be putting strain on your pipes and all its components like valves and joints will be under continuous pressure as they dispensed water

  • Old plumbing system

If the pipes in your home are more than 25 years, then you should start thinking of getting them replaced with new ones before they start leaking

How to Block Leakages

  • Maintain a reasonable level of water pressure:

While a low water pressure signifies a faulty or leaking pipe that must be repaired, a high water pressure also means your pipes may start leaking later on. It is therefore better to maintain a water pressure level not above 60 PSI. The advised range is 30 – 50. If you notice that the water pressure is getting higher you should contact a professional to correct the situation.

  • Insulate your pipes

This is especially needed during the winter period when water freezes inside the pipe which could lead to the pipe bursting or being damaged because of the cold weather. Pipes that are  in unheated areas of your house are at the greatest risk of bursting. All you need to do is to insulate the waterlines in areas like the garage, under your sink and the basements.

  • Install water softener

Unknown to many, hard water is also one of the causes of leaking pipes because it contains high minerals that corrode the pipe. Using a water softener will help to remove those minerals, thus preventing your pipe from leaking.

  • Schedule an inspection

Don’t take the maintenance of your plumbing systems for granted. Damaged to them can cause more than you think. Always get a professional to inspect your home and correct any defect noticed on your plumbing systems.

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